Insurance Product Testing

Insurance companies in India have many applications sitting on top of their core policy
admin system to help them process with speed and quality all their transactions.
These systems could be for coordination between their branches or deal with various
insurance activities like generation of standard policy documents, billing, premium
reminder or even managing the customer data quality

As business grows, newer products testing, regulations and increasing customer expectations
require them to keep reviewing or even updating their existing systems. These change
implementation at an infrastructure level or a product/policy guideline change will mean
testing it in a test environment before letting it go live. The larger the business, the more
complex are these change management.

Also, the scenarios that needs to be tested and their combinations makes it a detailed and
arduous task. This task is often assisted with the relevant domain experts who know the
industry, the insurance principles, the product and most importantly the customer/
stakeholder expectation.

There are multiple units that needs to be tested in Insurance like –

  1. Policy Servicing
  2. Underwriting
  3. Customer on boarding through online and offline modes
  4. Report generation for Management, Regulatory reporting and for employees
  5. New Business Processing
  6. Claims
  7. Vendor integration depending on the work outsourced to him

We, at AdWise Assure Pvt Ltd can step in as your testing partners and offer you resources with the
relevant expertise to ensure a smooth transition in your system change management
implementation. You may reach us at adwiseassure@gmail .com for further queries in this regard


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