Vendor Management

Performance Management of vendors to achieve maximum output

A company will necessarily need third party service providers to cater to their voice based processes like calling and processing transactions. It is difficult to manage the process efficiency and deliverables of these service providers along the lines of an in-house team..AAPL team can support you in periodic reviewing of the vendor processes through

  • surprise visits,
  • providing insights on the optimization of the resources, and
  • effective implementation of the monitoring metrics.

We can provide an unbiased performance report of these service providers and their efficacy to the leadership teams of the company.

Cost optimization of vendor deliverables

It is a known fact that companies involve Third party vendors to control costs along with excellent service delivery. However, during the process, the service levels by Vendors get compromised but the cost remains the same or even increases. This leads to lower customer satisfaction index and increased overheads. At this point, Vendor management comes in the picture.

We aid the company to analyse the service levels of current vendors vis-à-vis the costs involved. We also recommend alternate vendors/ solutions that are cost-effective and a boost for customer satisfaction index.

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