Technology Integration

Testing of new products, regulation, and guidelines

The scope for Testing can start from testing of product features to testing of the final outcome.  The changes in product features in the Company’s Policy Admin System (PAS) must be in sync with the product specifications as presented/ approved by the Regulator.

This is to say, “The scope of Testing is too diversified and critical”.

 This can be the first leg in the testing phase. Any fresh rules or guidelines introduced by the Regulator that a Company must imbibe for its future business, needs to be tested and updated on the PAS before the deadline. This forms another leg in testing phase whereby in-depth understanding of the existing features is essential. Based on this understanding the test packs are prepared for testing and updated thus leading to Go-Live.

Assistance in migration of new systems

To remain competitive in the industry, it is vital for companies to relook at their strategies, business model, business processes and applications along with the systems that support the data. Even nascent companies are looking at Digital Transformation to support business processes and this calls-for change within their existing information systems. AAPL assists such companies in seamless migration to new systems and platforms. We help you overcome the basic challenges while defining the data migration strategy viz.

Compiling the data stored across various systems

De-dupe or Data Cleansing activity,

Analyze the Destination module

Data Validation and Migration.

Development and deployment of analytical tools in business

Data analytics is the most trending requirement for any business model to get an upper-edge in the market. AAPL works with a team of Data analysts who are stalwarts in data analytics. This team has mastery to collect, organize and analyse the data and provide their insights for the organizational growth. The team uses analytical tools like R Programming, Tableau Public, MS Excel, to name a few, to generate the best analytical results.

In short, we at AAPL understand the minds of the leaders and provide them with the data they can analyse and share/ use for reforming their strategies. The data analysis can also be effectively used for lead generation, customer retention and to predict high-risk applications

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