Operational Excellence

Process Review and Re-engineering

For an effective and impressive working methodology, it is important for leaders and users to review the Processes and make the necessary changes, wherever required. Also before we initiate Technology improvements, we must implement Business Process Improvements.

We follow the technique as designed above-

  • We identify the critical processes from the business line.
  • On a whiteboard, we analyse the complete value chain of the process and identify the hand-shake points.
  • With our vast industry experience and knowledge of the best practices, we design and present the revised value chain of the process. Objective is to increase productivity and customer delight index.
  • We assist with the testing and implementation of the recommended processes.

We work towards process improvement using Lean Six Sigma tools and proven methods of Process Baselining and comparison, Preparing Flowcharts, Value-stream mapping, Cause and Effect analysis and Hypothesis Testing. Besides, techniques like 5S, DMAIC, The 5 Whys, Gemba Walks can also be recommended and executed in order to achieve the goal of Process Improvement.


Business Automation through RPA and other tools

The complex processes are not just difficult to understand and implement but also take a lot of time to execute…. In short, complex processes are complicated and expensive for business. We suggest methods to automate such processes to streamline a business for simplicity, achieve transformation, increase levels of service quality and reduce costs. The industry practices are now leaning towards acquiring various sophisticated tools to aid Business Automation. Robotic process automation (RPA) of insurance is one such technique. It involves deployment of software agents to an organization’s environment. The agents / robots are aligned to perform a pre-defined set of tasks or processes. Artificial Intelligence software robots can also be installed to handle data sets post implementation of RPA. Business Process Management implementation is another technique that is being adopted in order to simplify the processes.

Review and define Business Quality philosophy

Evolution of Technology has eased information sharing and has thus increased peer pressure. It is now an act of “Survival of the best”.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

                                                                                                        John Ruskin

Customers are now expecting best-in-class services and they expect the organization’s to meet their specifications. Companies are now becoming more “Customer-centric”. To achieve this goal, AAPL is bequeathed with experts who can help you Improve the quality, Reduce costs and Improve TATs… thus sharpening the edges of your Business Quality philosophy.

Persistency Management

It is a known fact in the Insurance Industry that “it is cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to bring-in a new customer”. Persistency management is determined by the two factors viz. Collection of Renewal premiums and 13-month Persistency figures. In order to manage Persistency in insurance industry, it is therefore prudent to improve the quality of new business and improvise the Operating model for collections.

AAPL enables the Company leaders to analyse the causes of lapsation by revisiting the Product Design, customer profile and behaviour vis-a-vis the Assured benefits to the end customer. With this understanding, and deployment of analytical tools, it is easier and effective to predict the trends and accordingly take pro-active measures to position as a Market leader.

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