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Sales & Channel Partner Training

Learning is essential for all Sales force, be it new professionals or experienced, In-house or channel partners. Imparting the perfect training module, you can turn inexperienced force into top performers without actually being difficult and tough.

“Talking isn’t selling and selling isn’t closing.”

                                                                  – Steli Efti

We cover the training for on boarding and upgrading techniques of Sales team in a multi-faceted manner. Our training starts with imbibing the organisational values into the team to connect them with the culture. This is vital for the task force of the Channel partners since they need to blend with culture of two companies.

We teach them to explore the clients’ background and understand their needs before pitching any product. This helps to build a personal rapport with the clients, which in turn helps them to leverage on personal networks for future prospects.

Going forward, we also train them for a perfect sales pitch with relevance to your product and business. The ultimate goal is to nurture the seeds of success in Sales force, as they are the brand ambassadors for the company.

An Underwriter is expected to review the potential risk and decide whether the company can provide the insurance cover to the applicant or not. Also in adverse cases, what should be the level of extra premium charged in order to cover the risk. In order to make such critical decisions, it is important for the Underwriters to have complete knowledge of analysing the risk factors and read in between the lines.

AAPL experts start with mastering the team in basics of Underwriting. The complete module includes mastery in understanding-

  • Medical terminology and facts like the ECG Report, Blood Reports, Medical Examination Reports…
  • Financial documents like Form 16, ITRs, Partnership deeds…
  • Past medical history or family history of the applicant

The team is also given a complete understanding of the Regulations and their impact in Underwriting. One such example of our Underwriters Training Module is the training video on Keyman Insurance. (Click here to view the Video on KMI) Claims Assessors- As already mentioned, claims assessors are indeed the gatekeepers to ward off non-genuine or fraudulent claims. We therefore prepare them to determine issues related to claims liabilities as well as the settlement terms. For the assessors to do complete justice, they must have adequate working knowledge of regulations, medicine, product specifications, soft-skills mechanisms and must be subject matter experts to handle the claims efficiently. We, at AAPL, help you align the claims assessors with all these skills, effectively and efficiently.

New products and guidelines

A question generally asked by all the stakeholders involved in designing, selling and servicing of your products.

Hence every stakeholder must have a complete knowledge of the products and the related guidelines. They must have the ability to communicate information and resolve any queries about the product.

“If I don’t know/ understand the details of the product, how will I ever make a good sale?”

We provide the platform to impart this, very essential piece of knowledge, to the stakeholders in a simple and systematic manner. Our training method also ensures that, the team is also abreast of the complementary products and peer products. This further helps them to strengthen their sales pitch.

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