Power of DURGA… Power of an Insured Woman

2020- A challenging year with important lessons of life, for us to learn…

However, a tiny sliver of excitement runs through the mind as we think of the joyous festival of Navratri and Durga Puja that is just around the corner.

GODDESS DURGA symbolizespower, determination, and wisdom of WOMAN.

As we look around, we see so many DURGAS playing different roles of life including-

  • Toiling to keep their families together
  • Taking care of children, aged parents or siblings
  • Striving to create their independent identity
  • Facing a tough competition with the opposite gender, in the world of business…

Our DURGA today is well aware of her responsibilities, privileges, and the need to plan her future and finances. She also consciously plans for her exigencies. One of her exigency plans is INSURANCE.

Our DURGA is mindful of the importance of INSURANCE for herself and her spouse. Adequate Insurance cover will help her family tide over any unforeseen contingency and safeguard the future of the dependents.

“An aware woman guides her family and an insured woman safeguards the family”

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