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Buying a term cover could get more complex, even as insurers are already indicating that term rates for life policies could increase by 15-20% from April due to higher reinsurance costs. Thus now companies are more likely to insist on health as medically underwritten policies draw relatively lower reinsurance costs.

AdWISE Assure system testing for Insurance covers prebuilt test accelerators, enterprise- wide tool-agnostic test automation framework, premium  hecker – premium rating engine, certified domain experts, & reusable test repositories that shrink testing efforts by 25%-30%.

The key focal point areas of AdWISE Assure are insurance testing, reporting, finance & accounting, claims management, policy administration, & underwriting across different segments of the Insurance sector – Life, P & C, Auto, Business, Marine, Home, Agri, Travel, Re-insurance, and many more.

AdWISE Assure system testing for Insurance are armed with industry-recognized certifications in Life and Non-Life insurance domains. Thus our experts have required experience in regulatory testing detailed to various geographies including State-based Insurance Regulatory System, Federal Regulation of Insurance, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), ABI, IRDA, IRTA, & Unclaimed Property Act (UPA).

We also support global insurers in their digital transformation drive & assist them in delivering new improved customer experience & hence gain competitive advantage too.

Our customized services in Insurance testing array across:

  • Life Insurance that includes Life, Annuity, and Pension
  • Property & Casualty (P&C)
  • Auto
  • Reinsurance segments

AdWISE Assure system testing for Insurance assures that your apps/systems run flawlessly by ensuring an efficient back-office operation service. Our testing services portfolio and unique incomparable track record prove us as a trusted advisor and preferred technology partner for the Insurance clients worldwide.

Customized Test Automation Framework kept away 500+ hours’ worth of test efforts for a high lofty net worth insurance provider

Today Digital platforms all around the world are streamlining and accelerating insurance processes. A high net worth insurer necessitates extensible, API-driven, & easy-to-integrate tools aligned with their nimble practices and a uniformly standardized test lifecycle with defined processes and metrics.

Discover how AdWISE Assure system testing for Insurance implemented a customized test automation framework that reduced up to 80% of the test efforts & saved a total of 500+ hours.

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