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Insurance firms and other financial institutions register massive claim forms every day, which filled with essential and critical information in multiple formats, configurations, and languages.  Thus these forms must be processed accurately and hastily to gain efficiency. This will help in enabling the organization to consume the information for enhancing their business processes.

However, every claim represents a significantly important financial stake for the business, which will have to be paid as financial and legal repercussions if any of the forms and their data is misinterpreted or wrongly processed, or accessed by an unauthorized party.

Hence outsourcing insurance claims processing services of excellent repute to a vendor can help and assist businesses to eliminate those challenges while streamlining their operations and thus boosting customer satisfaction.

Document indexing and filing for insurance is exceptionally important for accurate data storage and retrieval, using the required search criteria. This becomes crucially important while storing data in the cloud, document management system or on any local server. However, the lower level staffs of insurance agencies tend to suffer by investing massive time and resources on such time-consuming processes. Hence, by outsourcing such tasks, businesses can focus more on other core essential tasks such as client acquisition or service, that will add value to the business.

At AdWISE Assure, we provide

  1. Extremely efficient yet cost-valuable services of accounting and billing for insurance.
  2. Document indexing and filing which is an important part of accounting for insurance.
  3. Indexing and filing for a range of insurance documents, such as insurance applications, claim letters, client receipts, certificates of insurance, ACORD forms, invoices, etc.
  4. Digitization of these documents making them readily accessible, saving time and resources for the insurance agencies and also improving their overall business revenue.

AdWISE Assure has always remained a trusted and reliable provider of Insurance claims processing solutions for several enterprises around the globe.

Our customized modified services, capabilities, and commitment guarantees that you get world-class services, swift deliverables, and a value-addition and all this at the most rationally reasonable prices.

Benefits AdWISE Assure delivers:

  • Superior operational efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased quality & compliance
  • Enhanced and higher agility
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