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AdWISE Assure supports the process of simplifying insurance processes for businesses. We all will agree buying insurance is one of the most difficult tasks. For instance, just imagine, after a lot of efforts, you finalise a policy product together with the insurer but just when you are about to purchase the policy, you come across the terms and conditions pages that will confuse the hell out of you. And this nasty circle goes on and on. And if God forbids, something goes wrong then the claim processes that can be another set of a nightmare for customers.

The India’s millennial population is anticipated to cross above 45 crores by the year 2020. This array of audience is driven with maximization of advantages:

  • They have a larger appetite and enthusiasm for risk-taking
  • They are extra open to sharing their data in the virtual world.

The already available data has opened new avenues for the industry to grow along with a better understanding of customer demands and fondness which are now even more readily available in virtual market through data analytics and insights.

The technology savvy millennial’s today spend a major time on screens  Hence the insurance companies  going online not just makes matter more convenient but also more accessible. This in return permits insurers to reach a wider audience base and drive more awareness around financial planning.

Major advantages of New Insurance Process Simplification are

  1. Technology Advancement in current world has led to superior customer engagement with higher rate for renewal of policies and cross sell opportunities and prospects’ for life insurers.
  2. Moreover, Artificial intelligence (AI) based programmatic marketing has additionally enabled insurers to customize their offerings and meet diverse customer needs.
  3. Now, it is constant and inflexible to focus on multiple channels and there digital preview has a vital role.
  4. The overall scope for business growth will be higher in the coming days through online platform owing to the increase in tech savvy customers.
  5. Again, online platform offers increased convenience to customers with better speed which are vital parameters to consider for a better experience and satisfaction.
  6. Many of the customer requirements and servicing requests can now be fulfilled at the click of a button.

AdWISE Assure have been streamlining and focusing on digitization of processes, reduction/ simplification of complete paperwork and also providing more servicing options and choices to customers.

In the current fiscal year, AdWISE Assure will maintain its major focus on further simplification of processes, faster resolution to customer grievances/ queries/other issues and thus providing a ‘Digital First’ experience to our customers.From a Client standpoint, our focus has always remained on developing people, providing them opportunities for new learning and diversification of roles.

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