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Mystery shopping is basically focused on a subset of products, provider types, and locations, versus nationally representative surveys that calculate and analyse a consumer experience transversely an entire population sample. So ideally it is an indicative method that can be used to signal issues in the market requiring In this manner, mystery shopping is a useful tool to notify consumer protection policy and measure market conduct issues like how well sales staff com-ply with disclosure regulations, quality of customer attention gained and suitability of financial advice accessed to and use of recourse systems when things go wrong and contrasting treatment of susceptible consumers. 

Policy makers are more and more integrating consumer research methodologies to supervise the market, gather insights, and inform policy making. One such effective consumer research method is mystery shopping, which determines the actual behaviour of individual sales staff in a true sales environment. Mystery shopping is thus a tool that involves sending consumers to places of business, government agencies, or other service providers to stimulate and rouse a typical customer inquiry.

Insurance Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Whether its home insurance, auto insurance or anything in between, AdWISE ASSURE help in giving your customers peace of mind in the insurance industry.
At AdWISE ASSURE, we know you desire that your customers have the best experience possible. An AdWISE ASSURE let you do just that with its closed loop process and tried and tested customer experience solutions, meant to deliver both ROI and exclusively created insurance programs with the clients’ specific needs in mind. Our customized and modified programs highlight your objectives from the very beginning and AdWISE ASSURE is always there to guide you through employee training and coaching too.
AdWISE ASSURE helps you in delivering the type of customer experience that will have your customers singing praises for you using its insurance agency specific solutions like

  • written mystery shopping,
  • video mystery shopping,
  • phone mystery shopping,
  • customer satisfaction surveys and more –

AdWISE ASSURE  also helps in bringing both new customers and letting you retain you existing valuable clients.

Mystery Shopping Benefits

Mystery shopping audits assist companies to evaluate their sales teams, customer service teams, product quality, and service quality. Looking from the customer’s point of view, the mystery audits recognize specific areas of improvement. The criteria’s measured include employee attitude, skills, and the whole image of your company.

AdWISE ASSURE audit covers will assist and enable the organizations as follows,

  1. Bringing new sales
  2. Fresher customer insights
  3. Improved brand recall value
  4. Fine-tune customer retention strategy
  5. Raise and improve the product/service quality

Mystery Shopping Types

  • Shopper Visit:  Mystery shoppers visit your locality(s) as per scheduled and perform just as a normal customer. Shoppers can put forward inquires for purchases about your products/services, place their orders, return items purchased in the past, check on available facilities, audit procedures, etc.
  • Shopper Phone Call:  Mystery shoppers call on your location(s) just like any customer would. Calls will be recorded for future needs. We also arrange international mystery callers for the audit purpose.
  • Online Chat Report: Shoppers will visit your website to place their order, browse available services, ask questions if any, evaluate the easiness of use, etc., in order to check your staff’s response time and quality. Moreover the audit can be carried out in multi languages too.
  • Social Media Report:  Mystery shoppers visit your social media pages to like, comment or raise a query to test your staff’s response time. The audit can be carried out in regional languages too.
  • Competitor Shopper Report:  This can be done by either telephone call or visit. A competitor report needs a shopper to call/visit the specified competitor location and evaluate their facility, service quality, pricing, inventory, etc with the client.

Insurance Mystery Shopping Services Insights & Solutions

  • At AdWISE ASSURE, we use solutions like written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, and customer satisfaction surveys so the insurer can deliver the type of customer experience that will have his customers singing praises all the way.
  • At AdWISE ASSURE, we value the insurer’s objectives and work to make them an integral part of their unique and modified programs. For more than twenty years now, we have been providing insurance mystery shopping and thus have gained the expertise to deliver ROI. Collecting data is just the cherry topping on the big cake of what we can do for you. Remember we can also help you collect the right data based on actionable, revenue-driving behaviours that improvise your bottom line..
  • At AdWISE ASSURE, we give you the necessary tools to succeed and transform the customer experience you will be delivering so you can delight and retain your customers. We have the best database of insurance mystery shoppers in the insurance industry and we also guide you in training and coaching your employees, so you can see the results you desire. 

Insurance Mystery Shopping services India

Mystery shopping is a method followed by marketing research companies that desires to measure quality of sales and service along with job performance, regulatory compliance, or just to gather specific information about a market or competitors, plus products and services.

  1. Mystery shoppers normally observe common consumer behavior.
  2. They test the reliability of the habits deemed important to a specific industry.
  3. Mystery shoppers are gig workers or autonomous contractors.
  4. They tender detailed reports and feedback about their experiences in form of reports that range from simple questionnaires to audio and video recordings.

Industries and common usage

  1. Mystery shopping can be used in every industry, from B2C and B2B, though B2B is quite rare.
  2. The most frequent users of this research method are retail businesses, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants and fast food outlet chains, banks, gas stations, automotive manufacturers and dealerships, transportation services, apartments, real estate and property management firms, health and fitness clubhouses, and human and pet health care.


  1. Mystery shopping organizations recommend that their research should only stick to employee incentive programs and that punishment or firing is an inappropriate use of mystery-shopper data. But, instances of employees being fired due to negative mystery shopper feedback are not unusual.
  2. The Trade Organization for Mystery Shopping Providers, MSPA has defined a special Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Mystery Shopping Providers and also for Mystery Shoppers.
  3. ESOMAR, MRS and MRA ate other organizations that have defined standards for Mystery Shopping.
  4. The most extensively used set of professional guidelines and ethics standards for the Market Research industry is ISO.
  5. In order to carry out mystery shopping jobs, mystery shoppers must be licensed by the PILB board and work under a company with a private investigators license.

Why Choose AdWISE Assure over other Insurance Mystery Shopping Companies?

At AdWISE Assure, we value your objectives and have been providing insurance mystery shopping for many years. AdWISE Assure helps you in collecting the right data through revenue-driving behaviors.

We give you the tools to succeed as we have the best database of insurance mystery shoppers in the industry and we want to help you evolve your customer experience today.

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