Insurance Consulting in India

In the middle of a digital transformation, insurance companies need to aim at customer centric, and highly agile solutions. AdWISE Assure Pvt. Ltd. helps insurers develop and implement strategies that boosts profitability, supports digital competencies, improve customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage from advanced analytics.

Our team of expert consultants are highly professional in aiding the insurance industry with ventures and market issues as well as addressing its operational and administrative needs. With our insight and skill, we encompass claims management, where we work with our clients to reduce costs through high- quality procedures; guaranteeing, where we help business lines carriers improve their technical results; and operations and innovation,  supporting insurers with operating model review and redesign, outsourcing and offshoring, and infrastructure consolidation.

Why Choose AdWISE Assure for your business insurance consulting?

When partnering with AdWISE Assure for insurance consulting services, insurers have improved operational efficiency, increased their profits and turned disruption into transformation. Our unique combination of deep insurance knowledge, leading-edge technology and our unified global presence supports our clients in following main areas:

  1. Sales and Marketing – Build a customer focused and growth oriented enterprise.
  2. Customer Experience – We aim at customer loyalty and reduce sales costs by delivering quality customer experience.
  3. Strategise towards growth – To align costs with strategy and focus on growth.
  4. Procurement – Minimise your cost base. Increase the profits and maintain them.
  5. Smart transformations – Improve the agility in you.
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions – Achieve higher returns with a systematic process and maintain them.

We help leading insurers across the globe meet their strategic and operational goals.

We target on core operating abilities and help our clients take a long-term, through-cycle view of the emerging competitive and regulatory landscape.

  Our Services

  • Process Management – Manage your existing process towards a systematic approach.
  • Underwriting and Claims Management – Maintain the balance between the underwriting phase and the Claiming phase.
  • Risk Management – Identify-Assess-Manage-Limit the risks.
  • Knowledge Management – Stay updated with new opportunities and share same knowledge with the client.
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