Insurance Claims Operations India

The insurance claims settlement process is one of the most crucially important aspects of an insurance policy, mainly if it is a health cover.

A policyholder’s insurance claim can get settled by an insurer majorly in two ways:

  1. third-party administrators (TPA) and
  2. through the insurer’s in-house claims processing department.

In insurance back-office operations, competence and high end efficiency is a core requirement for anyone working in the insurance sector. Everyone needs insurance back-office operation services from the agents to the brokers and to the carriers.

AdWISE ASSURE has been in this business for over 21 years and provides the extensive insurance back-office management needs of any business or agency; big or small working with insurance field.
AdWISE ASSURE’s team of highly-expert professionals have years of experience in handling task like:

    1. Back-office tasks for insurance agencies serving various sections of the market that also include general and life insurance.
    2. generating a quote summary,
    3. policy management,
    4. policy checking and

generating a renewal exposure summary,

AdWISE ASSURE claims operations services in India

  • Demonstrates deep knowledge of key performance pointers
  • Develops and employs tactics to deliver service level agreements on a daily basis. This includes forecasting workload or providing requisite staffing or managing day to day technology issues or many other things.
  • Establishes systems and processes to make sure it sustains the levels of performance.
  • Transaction supervising to Improve Performance.
  • Employs appropriate tools, mechanism to report, review performance and take corrective action wherever required.
  • Displays ability to foresee potential problems and take appropriate and timely corrective actions.
  • Uses quality techniques and tools to improvise processes on a regular day to day basis.
  • Effectively responds to client requirements at a short notice by realigning priorities.
  • Transforms reports into meaningful analysis and solid quantifiable action.
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