IGMS Optimisation in Insurance India

What is Integrated Grievance Management System?

A company is successful when it’s clients are happy with their services. This implies to the insurance industry as well. The clients of insurance industry are the policy holders. If these policy holders are unhappy with the insurance company services or their solutions, it is the utmost responsibility of the insurance company to resolve their grievances. These geographically hectic and intense grievance management of Insurance Sector pertaining to Life and Non life products of different insurer companies are administered effectively with a standard mechanism on IGMS project management. With effective IGMS project management, insurance companies can deliver the desired services to the policyholders in a common framework. Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) which is launched by the IRDA aids to gauge the effectiveness of grievance redressal systems of insurers in the industry. IGMS creates a central repository of industry-wide insurance grievance data. It even aids as a grievance redress monitoring tool for IRDAI. So that policy holders who have grievances register their complaints with the Grievance Redress Channel of the Insurance Company. IGMS provides a gateway to register complaints with insurance companies when policyholders are not able to access the insurance companies directly to resolve their grievances. 

The IRDA online complaint logging tool IGMS has been integrated by all the insurance companies. It monitors the complaints and their progress in real-time through.

What is the process of IGMS optimisation in insurance companies in India?

The best way to launch a complaint in IGMS is by submitting accurate information about your  complaint like the policy number, name of the insurer and your contact details. It involves two steps:

Step 1: Register your profile with adequate details.

Step 2: Register your complaint and keep on checking its status.

IRDAi grievance call centre

Other than the IGMS standar complaint registering platform, IRDAi has a toll free customer care number to redress the grievance issues. Policyholders can call the IRDAi Grievance Call Centre or email details at complaints@irda.gov.in and can make optimum use of this system. It is suggested to keep the policy document ready while registering the complaint online. Though policyholders can always directly reach IRDAi through various platforms, IRDAI encourages policyholders to approach the insurer first. Discuss with the insurer prior reaching them. Apart from the complaints registered in the IGMS Portal of IRDAI, Complaints can also be registered in DARPG Portal against insurers. They are regularly accessed by the IRDAI to ensure that complaints relating to the insurance sector are downloaded and necessary action to get them examined by the insurers is taken.

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